AIUR V2 (220) frame

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Last News: AIUR wins first place on the last FPV racing event for the year in Bulgaria, a round of the World Champions League (pilot: Todor Vitanov). It also puts fastest time record on the track (pilot: Dilian Pechev).

All new AIUR Version 2 is here!
There was nothing wrong with the original AIUR, but inspiration delivered AIUR V2 :). V2 isn’t a new frame... it is more like a refreshed, slightly polished revision. Just where it was able to be better. AIUR is now lighter and more compact. Drone parts are not the same like they were an year ago. So why not shaving off the junk in the trunk.

”AIUR V2... Amazing new feeling. Different. Light. Wonderful. In my hands, only control. I make less corrections. Surprizing, filling the soul!”

What’s new in V2:
- Frame is shortened front and back. Space is plenty, but drag is reduced.
- Arms are thinned in the middle (where nobody breaks them anyway). Less drag, 1g lighter (per arm).
- Arm grip is better now for minimizing eventual play that some of the V1 frames had. It turned out this also depends on the tool used for carbon cutting.
- More camera angle possible. The new frame allows lighter builds that love more cam angle :)

As you have maybe already seen, it is an FPV 220mm racing chassis. The main aspects we focused on:

- Rigidity – Our experience with frames for the last 3 years is that… yes, this is probably the most important characteristic for a drone. It is, because it helps reducing the vibration that goes from the motors to the flight controller, which makes tuning easier and flight behaviour sharper, locked in and predictable. Also it makes the need of further filtering less necessary and brings latency down.

- Toughness – just because no one likes to go home with charged batteries :)

- Quick to build, easy to maintain – assemble, disassemble, build, space for components, access to hardware… maybe not as important to some, buy really pleasant when you see it's been thought out for your comfort. After all, time is expensive for every one of us, so why not have more for flying, less for doing screws :)

- Quality of the materials and manufacturing – oh yes, we are big with this. We have carefully chose the best carbon fiber we could find and more – all AIUR frames will be shipped with polished edges. You don’t get that in other stores!

What's included with each frame:
- AIUR carbon fiber plates
- Full hardware kit (black)
- Set of spacers for mounting PDB and Flight Controller
- A set of rubber o-rings
- 2x battery straps
- 4х landing gear tabs

Technical data: 
Size: 220mm.
Arms: 4mm.

Material: 3К Full Carbon Fiber, Twill Weave, Matt 
Weight: 108g (classic) / 125g (charge)