About Us


What is Ledge Team?
Ledge Team is a small group of inspired guys when it comes to drones. Ledge Team's racing team is about bringing talented pilots and good friends together. Ledge Team pilots keep winning top places on races :)

What does Ledge Team mean?
Ledge (slang) = Legendary... or... team of ledges, something like that :P

What are we doing here?
We constantly develop the ability to filter the good products out. That opens great opportunity to help others. And that’s what we offer here. The same what we fly ourselves most of the time :)

We design our own models, too. Pleasure for the pilot is priority. Most of our products are based on Alu alloy and Carbon Fiber. These materials help keeping weight down and rigidity up.

Low Vibration
Our frames help keeping vibration levels low. 

High Efficiency
Our self made products usually go through a dozen of successful or not that successful versions. We care to deliver the best we are capable of.