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HelioRC SPRING brings something innovative to the table. It has dual MCUs (which is still unique on the market) - F3 for processing and filtering the IMU data and F4 for the rest. That opens enough processing power to run the system at full 32khz speed. HelioRC Spring is also the only board that supports the full ButterFlight experience.

- ICM20601 (32Khz)
- Full DSHOT and MULTISHOT support

- Camera Control pads
- hardware invertor for SBUS / Smart Port (on UART1 and UART2)
- BLHeli32/Kiss ESC Telemetry pads
- Built in 5V BEC (2.5A)

- LC filter (800mah max on the camera)

Power: VBAT or 5V selectable via solder jumper