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AirBot F4 MINI
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This is very tiny flight controller in size just 30x30mm with mounting holes at 25x25mm! It also has an integrated PDB, so it can really save some space. It is right there for those nano builds, still packing huge power.

Even if F3 FCs became relatively recently the “common” thing, F4 is already here! And the speed is… stunning! 8Khz gyro with 8khz PID gives just a 2-3% load with accelerometer enabled in Betaflight. Just for reference, F3 FCs may not even take off with such settings, especially if you enable more features like expos, filters, telemetry, softserial…

More interesting features come here like direct SBUS input (if you don’t know, F4 does not have the inverter built in like F3).

More specs:
- 128Mbit flash memory for blackbox
- SBUS direct input -UART6- (inverter on the board)
- The best gyro/acc sensor in terms of noise and speed –> MPU6000 on SPI bus
- Direct buzzer pins
- Amp sensor
- Build in PDB (10A per motor)
- 25х25mm mounting holes

Uses AirBotF4.hex

*Correct powering:

Option 1) This Flight Controller (FC) can work directly powered by 3S/4S battery ONLY when peripheral devices (receiver, camera) are NOT powered by the FC.
Option 2) If you connect 5V BEC to the LDO/GND pins, the build in LDO is disabled and you can use the board to power external peripheral devices (recommended)