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AOKFLY RV2306 2650KV x4
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100% Genuine AOKFLY

AOKFLY RV2306 brings something new, even unique at this point. It is the only motor, which is value priced motor, but makes high-end motors’ performance.

Is this possible, practically ?
Well, such combination doesn’t come just like that. There are some cheaper componenents here and there, but somehow AOKFLY have managed to shave production cost very elegantly.
You see saved $ by :
- Using a steel hollow shaft (instead of titanium shaft like in the more expensive motors)
- Motors are painted (not anodised). 7075 aluminum is harder to anodise and probably that is why they decided to use paint.

Does this mean that AOKFLY RV2306 can replace higher priced motors?
Well, probably not... but the difference is smaller than usual. There are still a bunch of similarities with the high-end stuff:
- 7075 aluminum body (the toughest)
- N52H arc magnets (power)

​- NSK bearings (japan)
- Nicely done single thread windings
- VERY tight airgap
- Good construction quality

KV: 2650 (2520KV Real)
Weight: 34g

Package includes:
4x motors